Q&A What Can I Do If I Do Not Achieve Balance in 120 Days?


Staff member
First, make sure that you have taken the balance product daily, and that you have taken the right amount for your body weight. For oil the daily dosage is 0,15 ml x your body weight. Second, it is good to ask the following questions:
  1. Has the oil been taken regularly each day between Test 1 and Test 2?
  2. Has the right amount of oil been taken in relation to body weight?
  3. Has anything changed in the diet during this period?
  4. Was there enough blood on the analysis test? Or was enough blood provided when doing the blood test? It is important that the blood flows freely from your finger, so the right blood quality comes out. It is also important that vacuum packaged envelope is properly closed when it is shipped.
  5. Does the customer take any kind of medications? (this can affect the result)
If you have taken correct daily dosages for 120 days, answered "yes” on the above questions, and are not totally in balance then increase your Balance Oil intake by 25% for approximately 2 months and take a new test.

If you are still not in balance contact our Customer Service for more information.