Not sure to buy the whole package of Velovita products such as brān, zlēm, uüth or plôs? Never mind. We have a solution for you called V-Pack.

What is a Velovita V-pack?

5 day challenge with Velovita V-PackEach pack of Velovita V-Pack (5-Packs) contains 5 snaps/doses of the product of your choice. These effective packages allow others to try the products for themselves. Each customer can try different flavors, and finally choose only the one that suits them best.

As V-Packs are small and efficient packages, they are also suitable for travel.

Do you do business with Velovita? Or do you just want to? Super, V-Pack packages are suitable as samples for your future potential partners.

Velovita V-Pack variants

You can choose 5 snaps of brān, zlēm, uüth, plôs or a combination of brān + zlēm.

Which V-Pack is recommended for ordering

Something different suits every customer, so it is difficult to recommend a suitable product. Personally, if we can choose, we would choose Bran. The results are noticeable almost immediately. Then you can add other products.

Summary of product benefits

Brān is a nootropic mixture of 16 nutrients optimized for clean and long-lasting energy. It helps maintain mood improvement, mental clarity and at the same time helps the body burn glucose and stored body fat.

Zlēm is a combination of advanced and highly effective ingredients that help the body regenerate at night. Thanks to this product, your wounds will be fresher, because your sleep will be deeper and you will be more relaxed. Best of all, it helps with weight control during sleep. The secret is that your body will “switch to exercise” mode while you sleep.

Uüth he ingredients in this premium product work together to rejuvenate the skin from the inside by providing essential nutrients that support healthy collagen production for smooth and hydrated skin. With Uüth, you can look and feel much better than in other years.

Plôs is an amazing product especially for those who can’t imagine their cup of coffee without milk, but would like to do something more for themselves. Your drink with this product can suppress your appetite, reduce weight or replenish your missing energy. Plôs is a really great way to feel good.

Where can I get these V-Packs?

If you’re a registered member or customer, you can order them directly from your members panel. If you haven’t had a chance to try Velovita’s Products yet, definitely do so right now.

How does Velovita sends V-packs?

Products are shipped directly from Velovita’s warehouse. This makes it easier for potential members to send V-Packs (sample packs) to their potential customers or partners.

V-Packs are packaged in a professional three-dimensional brochure that contains all the necessary marketing and information information. Unlike many, it doesn’t contain just one sample; it contains five that will make you feel on top of the world.


You are likely to experience increased mental focus and clarity, which can lead to insanely high productivity, positive mood and cognitive functions! * Order your V-Pack today!

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  1. P3t3r 3 June, 2022 at 13:00

    Is it possible to send this package also to Germany?

    • HealthInEurope 3 June, 2022 at 13:02

      Yes, all Velovita’s products can be sent to all EU countries, including Germany.

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