Search a Mediterranean Diet and you will forget for a moment that it’s, in fact, a diet. Well-known Mediterranean foods are colorful with the recommended division of beans, meat, and greens.

This eating regime celebration fruits, whole grains, vegetables and fruits, fish, and of course olive oil.

What are the advantages of the Mediterranean Diet?

The Mediterranean lifestyle incorporates a comprehensive, holistic approach to nutrition and food, with meals predominantly plant-based. Essential components of a healthy Mediterranean diet include eggs, dairy, poultry, and seafood, while red meat is consumed sparingly. Fish and olive oil serve as the mainstays of this dietary pattern, providing an abundance of nutritious fats.

The guidelines of this diet are effortless to adhere to, primarily due to the delightful nature of the meals. Dishes are laden with succulent salmon, nutrient-rich seeds, protein-packed beans,  oranges, antioxidant-filled berries, crunchy nuts, and juicy tomatoes. In a professional tone, it can be said that the Mediterranean diet is as gratifying to the palate as it is beneficial to health.

Rules of Mediterranean Diet

  • Daily consumption of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and whole grains
  • Weekly intake of poultry, fish, and eggs
  • Moderate portions of daily items
  • Limit your red meat intake

Mediterranean Diet and Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil captures the spirit of the Mediterranean Diet. R.E.V.V.O is an additional virgin olive with a focus on bio-active antioxidants that is thirty times higher than usual olive oil.

Made to support your journey to better and superior health, R.E.V.V.O gives a complete spectrum of natural compounds locked in Omega-9 oil.

It is not only a fancy salad topper; it contributes to the maintenance of usual blood cholesterol levels as well as protects blood lipids from oxidative stress. Power your Mediterranean Diet with olive oil there is.

What is the Mediterranean in practice?

This lifestyle, deeply entrenched in tradition, often brings to mind leisurely meals enjoyed with family and friends.

It is essential to emphasize that this approach is not just about food but also about cherishing shared meal times, sourcing locally grown, seasonal produce, leading an active lifestyle, and maintaining a harmonious existence. These are the principles to incorporate into everyday life to nourish our bodies adequately.

  • Move to whole grains
  • Set an aim for 7 to 10 servings of vegetables and fruits daily
  • Eat fish 2 times a week and decrease red meat consumption
  • Use healthy fats
  • Add spices in its place of salt
  • Enjoy dairy, such s green yogurt

Healthy Mediterranean Diet recipes you can try

  • Breakfast-– Treat your heart to smashed fresh avocado, with a poached egg and smoked salmon, whole-grain toast, and dash it with a handful of microgreens.
  • Lunch – Cook falafel balls, and place with whole wheat conscious, green beans, olives, crumbled feta cheese, and topped with tahini sauce.
  • Dinner – Continue the trend with leak spaghetti and shrimp. it is very light and lemony and provides you Omega-3s and Fiber.

Speaking of important fatty acids, Omega-3s are essential to your health and they support your Mediterranean consuming plan with Omega-3 Balance products. The olive oil and fish synergy delivers 15 EFSA approved health advantages, including normal heart, immune system, and brain features. Take the Omega-6 ratio test first and review your outcomes after 120 days.

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