Mitoburn, also known as L Beta Aminobutyric Acid, is produced by skeletal muscles during physical activity. In addition to physical activity, the circulating levels of Mitoburn are controlled by mitochondrial enzymes primarily expressed in the liver and kidneys.

The reality of metabolic syndrome is on the rise worldwide. Recent studies have identified several factors secreted by fat cells and muscle cells are linked to sedentary lifestyles, abdominal obesity, and impairments in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.

Mitoburn Studies

Studies have also shown that Mitoburn can provide protection from diet-induced obesity in animal models by inducing a transition of white adipose tissue to a “beige” or “brown” fat. This stimulates fatty acid oxidation and increases insulin sensitivity. Its levels increase in the circulation when responding to exercise. Therefore, it serves as a contraction-induced myokine that increases energy expenditure and contributes to exercise-induced protection from metabolic diseases.

Mitoburn Benefits

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Adipose tissue browning may also improve plasma lipid profiles and blood glucose levels lowering triglycerides and cholesterol levels. In a large human cohort study involving over 2,000 people, plasma levels of Mitoburn correlated inversely with plasma concentrations of glucose, insulin, Triglycerides, and total cholesterol.

Another benefit from Mitoburn includes the slowing of bone and muscle loss when not used regularly, mainly through mitochondrial activation. The mitochondria are the main powerhouse of each cell and make up half the dry weight of our body.

Since zlēm® prepares our body for the next day, enhancing the effects of weight optimization when exercise and a healthy diet are balanced, Mitoburn goes to work enhancing ketosis and helping with metabolic regulation of the system while we sleep.

Mitoburn is great for athletes trying to get more out of their workout, casually active individuals looking to amplify their diet and workouts, and those looking for healthy ways to get leaner and more fit.

With all this in mind, zlēm® at night sets up our system to maximize the metabolic benefits of Mitoburn and weight optimization.

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