Surely, the saying “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” holds some truth in it. But here’s the brighter side- as the boss of your direct sales business, you have the reins. You can decide when to work, and where to invest your energy. Engaging in trainings (be it live or virtual), maintaining regular follow-ups, establishing connections and posting regularly form the backbone of your tasks.

Plugging In for Success Business

To ensure success in business, we propose a simple yet effective strategy:


Glance over the week that lies ahead. Mark your calendar for any trainings or calls that are lined up. Allow this to be your window to learn, establish connections, evolve, inspire and be inspired. We totally embrace the concept of positive peer pressure! But to be more precise, what we truly admire is the sharing of knowledge and experiences within the community, the mutual celebration of achievements, tactics, and tales of success. Furthermore, with the launch of new products or the addition of new features on the website, you’ll be among the pioneers to be informed!

Carve out some time from your schedule, dedicated solely to the development of your business. Don’t let the minutiae distract you; simply make sure to set aside some exclusive time for your business.


Here’s where we can get a little more granular. Whether full-time, part-time, or even casual, prioritizing where and how you spend your time before you spend it will help set you up for success business.

If you prefer organizing things through lists, start by listing down your crucial tasks that require immediate attention. This could range from setting goals to making follow-up calls. In case you’re feeling swamped, prioritize the tasks that generate income first and set aside peripheral activities such as creating sophisticated business cards.

It’s also wise to begin with the tasks that you find less enjoyable to get them off your plate. By doing so, you’re setting the wheels of action in motion, which is the key to achieving remarkable results.

Power Through

Now it’s time to do it. This consistency and follow-through all contribute to your success. If you want to feel productive and accomplished at the end of the day, do your best to make the most of this time with the right mindset and environment.

Set a timer for blocks of time to put your head down and work. You can research productivity techniques like the Pomodoro Technique for details. Such techniques require focus and a time commitment. The result is often more productivity in less time. The takeaway here is to be intentional with your time and to eliminate distractions so you’re free to work and grow in the areas that most impact your business.

With regular practice and unwavering consistency, you will gain clarity on where to direct your focus. Moreover, you will be implementing a daily action plan effectively!

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