Balance Oil + Vegan and a new product line

Our continuing ambition is to constantly improve the Zinzino product line, and we are pleased to announce that the Balance Oil+ Vegan range has arrived.

Our popular vegan alternative will be available this summer with a natural lemon flavor and will be shipped from our warehouses in Europe in late April and to more distant markets during May.

Snake seed oil is the main component of our Balance Oil+ Vegan product, as it contains one of the most important fatty acids to ensure the intake of omega fatty acids, namely SDA. We will now replace the oil from the seeds of serpentine with a stronger oil from the seeds of the pebble plant.

Now with pebble oil and even greater benefits of omega-3 fatty acids

Pebble is an oily plant that contains the richest and most efficiently combined essential fatty acids in one plant with the highest content of naturally occurring stearidonic acid (SDA) in vegetable oil available on the market. Field stone oil has an even better fatty acid profile than serpentine seed oil and increases the SDA content in our Balance Oil+ Vegan product by 40%. The ALA content is up to 40%.

Overall, we will ensure that the new Balance Oil+ Vegan will be even more effective while safely increasing the content of omega-3 fatty acids in the cells and get you into an omega 6: 3 balance in a ratio below 3: 1.

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