Balance Oil+ Vegan and a new product line

Our continuing ambition is to constantly improve the Zinzino product line, and we are pleased to announce that the Balance Oil+ Vegan range has arrived.

Our popular vegan alternative will be available this summer with a natural lemon flavor and will be shipped from our warehouses in Europe in late April and to more distant markets during May.

The backbone of our Balance Oil+ Vegan product is Snake Seed Oil, which is rich in SDA – a crucial fatty acid for maintaining optimal omega fatty acids intake. In our continuous quest for improvement, we are excited to announce that we will transition from Serpentine Seed Oil to a more potent oil extracted from Pebble Plant seeds.

Now with pebble oil and even greater benefits of omega-3 fatty acids

The Pebble plant, distinguished for its rich oil content, boasts an unrivaled blend of essential fatty acids — the most potent found within a single plant. Its vegetable oil holds the highest concentration of naturally occurring stearidonic acid (SDA) on the market.

Compared to serpentine seed oil, field stone oil offers a superior fatty acid profile, enhancing the SDA content in our Balance Oil+ Vegan product by a remarkable 40%. Moreover, it carries up to 40% AL

Overall, we will ensure that the new Balance Oil+ Vegan will be even more effective while safely increasing the content of omega-3 fatty acids in the cells and get you into an omega 6: 3 balance in a ratio below 3: 1.

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