Velovita return policy & money back guarantee may be applied to any customer or member of Velovita. In principle, everyone has the right to withdraw from the contract and to a refund.

Velovita return policy for customers

Every Velovita customer has the right to return products within 60 days of purchase. This is an unconditional refund of the original purchase price on all products sold to retail customers through an authorized Velovita partner.

In the case of international orders, any costs associated with customs, shipping or handling will not be refunded.

How to return a product

  1. Before making any effort to return a product to the company, first contact Velovita customer support. You can do this using the Velovita Vibe app or directly to the customer email.
  2. Thoroughly pack the products in a suitable shipping carton (so that the products are not damaged in transit). Include the original invoice or your receipt in the package.
  3. Send the package to the address below and choose your shipping method.
  4. If you receive a tracking number for your shipment from the shipping company, please provide it to Velovita Customer Support.
  5. Once your shipment has been received and processed, you will be refunded your appropriate amount within 10 business days.

Velovita return policy for members

Where to Buy Velovita Products

Where to Buy Velovita Products

Any member who chooses to terminate their relationship with Velovita within their first 30 days of registration has the right to a product refund. All products to be returned must be unused, unopened and in their original packaging.

Only products preserved in this way can be repurchased by the company from its partner.

The repurchase will be at a price of at least eighty percent (80%) of the original net price to the Member less any commissions paid to the Member.

OPENED products shall not be repurchased. This means that you will not be refunded for these products. In the case of international markets, any potential costs associated with duty, shipping and handling will not be refunded or reimbursed.

Velovita return address

3750 Hacienda Blvd, Suite F, Davie, FL 33314


We offer you a quick and short overview. For the full text of the Velovita Return Policy & Money Back Guarantee, you can read this document.

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