What are HANZZ HEIDII Ingredients and why is important o talk about them? Is it just about the health benefits or is there something more? This is a follow-up to our previous article.

What are HANZZ HEIDII Ingredients?

All ingredients in the HANZZ HEIDII line are vegan and naturally sourced, suitable for all skin types.

The products contain active, biotechnological ingredients of purely plant based origin, obtained through advanced plant stem cell technology. A majority of the key ingredients are from Switzerland and organically certified by BIOCERT, ECOCERT or COSMOCERT.


  • Environmentally friendly production and processing processes respecting also human health
  • Development of the concept of green chemicals
  • Responsible use of natural resources
  • Respect of biodiversity
  • Absence of petrochemical ingredient (except for authorized preservatives): parabens, phenoxyethanol, perfumes and synthetic colorants
  • Absence of GMO
  • Ecyclable packaging

Active ingredients are what make a skincare product effective. They are backed by scientific data known to bring about a specific change in the skin. The main active ingredients in HANZZ HEIDII are derived from plant stem cells that harness the most potent active substances within snow algae and edelweiss. There is also InfraGuard, another innovative active ingredient that neutralizes free radicals and protects cells against infrared light and the blue light from computers and cell phones. The products also include pure Swiss water, vitamins, minerals and oils with deep, high-performance, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing effects.

Have the HANZZ HEIDII ingredients and products been dermatologically tested?

What are HANZZ HEIDII Ingredients? Part IISwiss-manufactured skincare and cosmetics, including HANZZ HEIDII products, are held to exceedingly high quality standards. Each product we produce undergoes rigorous testing throughout the manufacturing process, adhering to recognized GMP standards and guidelines, and subject to physical, chemical, and microbiological examinations.

All ingredients utilized in HANZZ HEIDII products have undergone thorough dermatological testing and hold BIOCERT, ECOCERT, or COSMOCERT certifications. These ingredients, chosen with utmost care, are fully characterized from their source to their incorporation in the final product. They are certified as safe for use in skincare and for inclusion in cosmetic products in the concentrations used.

Furthermore, before any new product is launched, we conduct comprehensive dermatological tests with volunteers. These tests affirm the exceptional tolerability of our HANZZ HEIDII ingredients. Prior to their market debut in 2018, all our products underwent extensive safety and skin compatibility testing. All relevant literature data, legal stipulations, specification values, official recommendations, and empirical values were taken into account in the evaluation.

What is the difference between organic and natural skincare?

A natural ingredient is wildcrafted from nature. An organic ingredient has been cultivated by man, without synthetic based fertilizers and pesticides.

Natural skincare

At least 50% of the plant-based HANZZ HEIDII Ingredients in the formulation and at least 5% of the total ingredients must be organically grown.

Organic skincare

At least 95% of the plant-based ingredients in the formulation and at least 10% of the total ingredients must be organically grown.

What are plant stem cells?

Plant stem cells are primarily found in the roots and shoots of plants. They are extracted in a sustainable manner and can be entirely lab-produced, eliminating the need for harmful pesticides and land cultivation. Stem cells, often referred to as ‘the building blocks of life,’ play a pivotal role in the development and regeneration processes of all living organisms.

In terms of animals and humans, all critical organs and functions evolve from the stem cells during the embryonic stage. However, the flexibility of these stem cells decreases post-birth. On the other hand, plant stem cells continuously change throughout their lifespan, facilitating the development of new shoots, leaves, flowers, or fruits.

This inherent adaptability makes plant stem cells extremely beneficial for our skin’s metabolic processes. With precise cultivation conditions, the biosynthesis of these stem cells can be manipulated, resulting in the enrichment of specific plant constituents. Plants enhanced with the desired ingredient can subsequently be utilized as an extract in cosmetic formulations. This enables the active ingredient to be used in high concentrations, maintaining a consistently high quality.

Why are plant stem cells used in skincare?

HANZZ+HEIDII products are part of the Zinzino

HANZZ+HEIDII products are part of the Zinzino

Plant stem cells are utilized in skincare due to their immense capability to support cellular processes within our skin, thereby counteracting the natural aging process. HANZZ+HEIDII products, which belong to the Zinzino umbrella, effectively combat signs of skin aging induced by stress or light. These products also address signs of tiredness or decreased elasticity, thanks to the incorporation of plant stem cells.

These plant stem cells serve as a flexible building material, encouraging our skin’s regenerative processes and positively impacting its inherent renewal capacity, which naturally diminishes over time.

While our body’s own stem cells facilitate ongoing skin renewal, this capability tends to decrease as we age. This is where plant stem cell-based cosmetics, like HANZZ+HEIDII, come into play. The cellularly active ingredients derived from plants in HANZZ+HEIDII products stimulate our skin’s collagen production, effectively reducing wrinkles and enhancing skin texture, making it fresher, firmer, and smoother.

Plants are well-known for their remarkable self-healing properties, forming new tissue rapidly from their stem cells. This is another reason why plant stem cells are incorporated into skincare to boost our skin’s wound healing processes.

Tests conducted on the stem cells used in HANZZ+HEIDII products have been promising. The impact of the active ingredients was assessed on cell cultures with human epidermal stem cells. These tests demonstrated that the active ingredients could sustain the stem cells’ division ability for a longer period, even under UV light stress.

Further tests on the 3D epidermis model revealed that even aged skin stem cells could regenerate a complete epidermis upon application of these products. Aged stem cells treated with edelweiss and snow algae exhibited activity similar to younger stem cells. These positive effects were further confirmed through tests conducted on human subjects.



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