More and more people are interested in Velovita products not only for their own consumption, but also for their friends and acquaintances. As they are very connected to them, they want to share their beneficial effects with as many people as possible.

That’s why we decided to share a Velovita coupon code.

What is Velovita coupon code?

In other words, it is a Velovita promo code that will get you up to 25% off your first order. You can have up to 4 boxes of products in your order.

How long is this code valid for?

Each code is for one-time use and is valid for 24 hours.

If you are interested in your Velovita discount code, contact us as your Velovita distributor and we will send you one immediately.

What do I get with a Velovita coupon code?

In addition to enjoying a 25% discount on your initial order, you’ll receive an additional 10% off when you set up automatic monthly deliveries of V-FILL products.

We are pleased to offer free product delivery, typically arriving at your doorstep within two days. Please bear in mind, delivery times may extend beyond two days for certain countries, but rest assured, your shipping is always complimentary.

Where To Get Velovita coupon code?

It’s simple. Just contact us and we will generate a voucher for you. Once sent, you have 24 hours to redeem it.

Price list after 25% discount!

  • Brān -> $59.96
  • Zlēm -> $67.46
  • Uüth -> $74.96
  • Plôs -> $74.96
  • Zlēm & Uüth -> $134 96
  • Brān & Uüth -> $127.46
  • Brān & Zlēm -> $119.96
  • Uüth & Plôs -> $149.93
  • Zlëm & Plôs -> $134.96
  • Brān & Plôs -> $127.46
  • Brān, Zlēm & Uüth/Plôs -> $187.43
  • Brān, Zlēm, Uüth & Plôs -> $277.35

How to use Velovita Discount Code?

Simply follow these instructions to apply the Coupon Code:

  • Copy the authentic and personal discount code from your email
  • Choose the product you want to buy.
  • When you go to the checkout and payment page, paste this code to the showed box
  • Discount is applied automatically


  • 25% discount on your first order
  • You can order up to 4 boxes (Each box contains 25 Velovita snaps)
  • Additional 10% discount on V-Fill
  • Free global 2 day shipping
  • Delivery to ANY of the 32 countries we are in
  • 60 days money back guarantee

Get this offer and visit Velovita live website for more special bundles and actions.

Velovita Coupon Code

Velovita promo code that will get you up to 25% off your first order.

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  1. Johan Pullman 6 June, 2022 at 17:17

    I am from United Kingdom. Is it possible to deliver products there? If yes, can you send me a coupon please?

    • HealthInEurope 6 June, 2022 at 17:24

      Yes, Velovita also sends to UK. Your coupon is in your mail.
      If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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