Let’s put it simply. Velovita Snaps are small portable packaging products that are ready for immediate use. Just bend them slightly and click.  At this point, a serum is released from the pack, which you can squeeze directly into your mouth, or you can squeeze it into a cup and mix it with your favorite beverage

What is Velovita snaps?

Velovita snaps are the epitome of convenience and compactness in the world of nootropics. They offer popular products like Brān, Zlēm, Uüth and Plôs in these pocket-friendly formats.

Each snap is filled with 15ml of potent nootropic serum. While there are countless nootropic supplements available in the market, Velovita snaps set themselves apart. They are designed for sublingual absorption, ensuring rapid effects.

Product packaging

The products come in small boxes, which each contain 25 single-serve servings (snaps) ready for immediate use. Alternatively, throw a few on your handbag or in your bag and you can enjoy their benefits on the go. Or you can try the V-Pack, which contains only 5 snaps of the product and so is effective for those who just want to try the products for now.

Product shipping

The delivery of these products is really fast. You usually have them at home within 2-3 days, in every country where the company operates. In addition, shipping and packaging is completely free and it doesn’t matter how many packages you order.

How much Velovita snaps costs?

What are Velovita snaps?

The final price depends on the product you choose:

  • 1 box of Brān contains 25 snaps and it cost $69,95
    • One snap of Brān cost $2,79
  • 1 box of Zlēm contains 25 snaps and it cost $79,95
    • One snap of Zlēm cost $3,19
  • 1 box of Uüth contains 25 snaps and it cost $99,95
    • One snap of Uüth cost $3,99
  • 1 box of Plôs contains 25 snaps and it cost $99,95
    • One snap of Plôs cost $3,99

The price of boxes may change over time. Therefore, please refer to the current price list of products.

Can I get a discount on these Snaps?

The simplest method to secure products at a reduced price is by utilizing a discount coupon. This coupon will afford you a 25% discount on a maximum of four boxes, making your shopping experience much more economical. The discount code can be conveniently obtained from any independent Velovita partner.

Additionally, by signing up for a partner or distributor membership, you can also access products at a discount. With this membership, every partner is guaranteed a price reduction on their purchases.

Discount Pricing

01 – 10%
05 – 15%
10 – 20%
20 – 25%
40 – 30%

Velovita snaps ingredients

The ingredients in our products are sourced entirely from nature. Each product has a unique blend, which is detailed on the respective product pages. To get an in-depth understanding of the ingredients, we invite you to explore the product page of your choice. You can also find a comprehensive list of all Velovita products and their ingredients here.

Do snaps work for weight loss?

Absolutely, but with a caveat. Selecting the right product is crucial. Velovita Zlēm snaps are highly recommended for weight loss. Their effectiveness lies in their unique ability to make your body feel as though it’s working out and burning additional fat, even while you’re sound asleep.

Just take it half an hour before you hit the hay and experience a deep, rejuvenating sleep as your body actively sheds unwanted body fat*. Remember, your choice matters.

A more detailed description of how this process works can be found in our article.

Where to get Velovita snaps?

To order them, visit the proper product page and choose from the relevant options. Or simply, start your order here.


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