The term “EMF Radiation” has become a regular fixture in our daily discourse, thanks to the increasing ubiquity of electrical devices and services. The primary allure of the 21st century lies in the convenience it offers, and nothing epitomizes this more than electricity and the electronic products it powers.

These products have become such a fundamental aspect of our lives that envisaging a world without them seems unfathomable. However, a closer look at the effects these electronic products have on our health is long overdue.

EMF radiation

Research into the possible detrimental effects of electronic devices has sparked a significant amount of interest. One phrase likely to pique curiosity is ‘EMF Radiation,’ yet its true meaning remains elusive to most. The term EMF or Electro Magnetic Fields, which are essentially invisible energy waves or fields created when electronic devices are operational. Regardless of the device’s size or nature, anyone within proximity is exposed to this radiation.

There is general consensus that brief exposure to electronic devices radiating EMF is not harmful. However, experts diverge on the effects of prolonged exposure. Many medical professionals contend that long-term exposure to EMF radiation could potentially be harmful to human health.

Unfortunately, completely avoiding EMF radiation is unrealistic in this age of ubiquitous electronic gadgets. Even more disconcerting is the fact that EMF-emitting equipment, such as x-ray machines, are widely employed in the medical field.

Exposure to EMF Radiation

Contrary to what the term EMF radiation suggests, it does not refer to a single type of radiation with uniform characteristics. The electromagnetic field comprises various types of waves, each with distinct features and potential effects on the human body. The range includes high-energy and low-energy radiation, as well as a myriad of radiations lying between these two extremes. Each type of radiation can have a unique impact on the human body, with the majority having a negative influence. As such, it is crucial to explore ways to reduce our exposure to EMF radiation.

High energy radiation:

High energy radiation or high-frequency EMF are waves capable of altering the human DNA with constant exposure. The significant members of this section are x-rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet rays, etc. Electronic gadgets and medical devices like scanning and x-ray machines produce these rays sparingly. Constant and continuous exposure to these rays would eventually cause fatal diseases and disorders.

Low energy radiation:

Low energy radiation or low-frequency EMFs are produced by most electronic gadgets. Although mild exposure to this radiation does not cause any severe ailments, the scientific community recommends not getting overexposed to them due to the multiple health effects they can create.

How To Reduce EMF Radiation Exposure?

Sources of Electromagnetic Fields

As mentioned earlier, electromagnetic radiation spans anything and everything that humankind uses these days. Both natural and manufactured resources create high-frequency radiation. For example, the sun is the primary natural source of ultraviolet radiation. The manufactured sources of ultraviolet radiation are tanning beds, welding equipment, phototherapy equipment, etc. Regarding other forms of high-energy radiation, the primary sources are medical equipment like scanning and x-ray machines, cancer treatment machines, etc.

Low-frequency radiation is available in most household and office equipment like mobile phones, laptops, power lines, Bluetooth devices, microwave devices, and many more.

Symptoms of EMF Radiation

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a medical term used to represent the symptoms of persons affected by constant EMF exposure. Although the people exhibiting electromagnetic hypersensitivity do not follow any stipulated pattern of symptoms, several symptoms are recurring for these patients. Some significant EMF radiation symptoms are headache, tiredness, fatigue, sleep disturbances, lack of focus, memory, depressive symptoms, nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, etc.

Harmful Effects of EMF Radiation

Is exposure to EMF radiation detrimental to health? Undoubtedly, yes. The impact of EMF radiation on our health has been a contentious issue since its discovery. Despite arguments to the contrary, a wealth of research and experimental studies have underscored the harmful effects of consistent EMF exposure.

Experts concur that the most critical finding from these studies is that incessant exposure to EMF radiation harbors a carcinogenic potential, meaning it could precipitate cancer in the human body. Specifically, these radiations have been linked with the onset of glioma – a form of brain cancer prevalent in humans.

Additional threats include neurological disorders, mental health conditions, Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive dysfunctions, and other severe health conditions.

Protection from EMF

It is a known fact that the effect of EMF radiation decreases when an individual maintains a healthy distance from the radiation-causing equipment. So, the best way of EMF radiation protection is to try not to be consistently around electronic gadgets and their radiation. It is advisable to maintain the interactions with electronic devices short and brief. Avoiding carrying mobile phones in clothing pockets is another method that can be used to protect ourselves from their radiation. Using earphones while talking via phone, keeping the phone away after its usage, etc., have also proven helpful in limiting EMF radiation exposure.

One of the novel ways to limit the effect of EMF is the use of wearable technology that counter the radiation. Trustable brands like Velovita have developed state-of-the-art technology that has proven to help spare EMF radiation.

Velovita Tuün Resonate

Velovita Tuün: Resonate Pedants

Velovita Tuün: Resonate Pedants

The latest gem in Velovita’s line-up is Velovita Tuün Resonate , a cutting-edge addition to wearable technology. This innovative accessory utilizes Biohacking Enhancement Technology, a breakthrough in biohacking, which effectively filters harmful EMF radiations.

By doing so, it helps safeguard the human body from the negative impacts of these radiations. These wearable pendants serve as a protective shield, mitigating radiation-induced reactions and significantly promoting overall body wellness.wellness.

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Unlike the other wearable bio hacks, the Velovita Tuün Resonate can also be kept inside the clothing pocket or under the pillow at night for the same results. It is strong enough to protect the human body near its vicinity, unlike other similar products that demand the physical presence of the pendant on the user for good results. It also offers multiple color variants, making it a suitable fashion staple for users.

Benefits of Velovita Tuün

The field tests conducted for the patented technology of Velovita Tuün prove it to be highly efficient in defending against the harmful effects of EMF radiation. It positively impacts the condition of electromagnetic hypersensitivity and reduces the ill effects caused by it. The regular users of Velovita Tuün have reported a significant improvement in the quality of sleep, an improvement in focus and memory, reduced anxiety and depressive symptoms, an increase in mood and vitality, and a real improvement in the sense of well-being and excellent health.

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