How the term EMF Radiation came into our daily acquaintances. Convenience is the founding stone for anything and everything in the 21 st century. And there is nothing more convenient than the ultimate service of electricity and accompanying products. It has not been long since electronic products became an inevitable part of our life. It has become so quintessential that living without any offered perks is unimaginable. But it is high time we look beyond these products. Peripheral comfort and convenience and find their essential effects on humankind’s health and life. This concern over the possible ill effects of electronic devices has instigated a vast amount of research on the niche.

EMF radiation

How To Reduce Radiation Exposure?A phrase bound to evoke curiosity among the masses, yet the lion’s share of them remain unaware of what it essentially means. The search should begin with the word EMF. EMF or Electro Magnetic Fields are nothing but a group of invisible energy waves or an energy field produced during the operation of electronic gadgets. These electromagnetic fields are made despite the devices’ size or nature, and anyone in the vicinity of these gadgets is exposed to this radiation.

Although it is perfectly fine to be around electronic gadgets when they radiate EMF, experts have a different opinion on prolonged subjection. Many experts and medical professionals observe that extended radiation from EMF could essentially cause health ailments to human beings. But the fact is that there is no easy way out of EMF radiation. As electronic gadgets have taken over people’s day-to-day lives, the possibility of sparing EMF radiation is nothing but a dream. The daunting fact that even the medical field is using EMF -causing equipment like the x-ray machine makes their presence unavoidable.

Exposure to EMF Radiation

Although the term EMF radiation evokes the thought of a single set of radiation with a consistent nature and features, it is not the case. The electromagnetic field consists of different groups of waves, each having additional features and possible effects on the human body. The area contains high-energy and low-energy radiation and a wide variety of radiations that fall between them. Each of these radiations has the capability of causing a different kind of impact on the human body. Unfortunately, the lion’s share of them is affecting the human body negatively.

High energy radiation:

High energy radiation or high-frequency EMF are waves capable of altering the human DNA with constant exposure. The significant members of this section are x-rays, gamma rays, ultraviolet rays, etc. Electronic gadgets and medical devices like scanning and x-ray machines produce these rays sparingly. Constant and continuous exposure to these rays would eventually cause fatal diseases and disorders.

Low energy radiation:

Low energy radiation or low-frequency EMFs are produced by most electronic gadgets. Although mild exposure to this radiation does not cause any severe ailments, the scientific community recommends not getting overexposed to them due to the multiple health effects they can create.

How To Reduce EMF Radiation Exposure?

Sources of Electromagnetic Fields

As mentioned earlier, electromagnetic radiation spans anything and everything that humankind uses these days. Both natural and manufactured resources create high-frequency radiation. For example, the sun is the primary natural source of ultraviolet radiation. The manufactured sources of ultraviolet radiation are tanning beds, welding equipment, phototherapy equipment, etc. Regarding other forms of high-energy radiation, the primary sources are medical equipment like scanning and x-ray machines, cancer treatment machines, etc.

Low-frequency radiation is available in most household and office equipment like mobile phones, laptops, power lines, Bluetooth devices, microwave devices, and many more.

Symptoms of EMF Radiation

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity is a medical term used to represent the symptoms of persons affected by constant EMF exposure. Although the people exhibiting electromagnetic hypersensitivity do not follow any stipulated pattern of symptoms, several symptoms are recurring for these patients. Some significant EMF radiation symptoms are headache, tiredness, fatigue, sleep disturbances, lack of focus, memory, depressive symptoms, nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, etc.

Harmful Effects of EMF Radiation

Is EMF radiation harmful? Yes! The effects of EMF have been debatable since the initial days. Despite the counterarguments, numerous studies and experiments identified the ill effects of constant EMF. The most important observation made by the experts from these experiments is that continuous exposure to this radiation has a carcinogenic effect and that they are capable of causing cancer in the human body. It is identified that these radiations could eventually cause glioma, which is a type of brain cancer found in human beings. Other fatal effects include nerve disorders, mental health issues, Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive disorders, etc.

Protection from EMF

It is a known fact that the effect of EMF radiation decreases when an individual maintains a healthy distance from the radiation-causing equipment. So, the best way of EMF radiation protection is to try not to be consistently around electronic gadgets and their radiation. It is advisable to maintain the interactions with electronic devices short and brief. Avoiding carrying mobile phones in clothing pockets is another method that can be used to protect ourselves from their radiation. Using earphones while talking via phone, keeping the phone away after its usage, etc., have also proven helpful in limiting EMF radiation exposure.

One of the novel ways to limit the effect of EMF is the use of wearable technology that counter the radiation. Trustable brands like Velovita have developed state-of-the-art technology that has proven to help spare EMF radiation.

Velovita Tuün Resonate

Velovita Tuün: Resonate Pedants

Velovita Tuün: Resonate Pedants

Velovita Tuün Resonate is the newest addition to the Velovita brand products. It is a sophisticated wearable technology equipped with a biohacking technology called Biohacking Enhancement Technology, capable of filtering the EMF radiations and protecting the human body from its ill effects. These wearable pendants shield the body by reducing the reactions caused by the radiation and quintessentially contributing to the body’s wellness.

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Unlike the other wearable bio hacks, the Velovita Tuün Resonate can also be kept inside the clothing pocket or under the pillow at night for the same results. It is strong enough to protect the human body near its vicinity, unlike other similar products that demand the physical presence of the pendant on the user for good results. It also offers multiple color variants, making it a suitable fashion staple for users.

Benefits of Velovita Tuün

The field tests conducted for the patented technology of Velovita Tuün prove it to be highly efficient in defending against the harmful effects of EMF radiation. It positively impacts the condition of electromagnetic hypersensitivity and reduces the ill effects caused by it. The regular users of Velovita Tuün have reported a significant improvement in the quality of sleep, an improvement in focus and memory, reduced anxiety and depressive symptoms, an increase in mood and vitality, and a real improvement in the sense of well-being and excellent health.

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