Supplement your vitamin D level

It’s time to replenish your vitamin D levels for you and your customers. As part of the April offer, you will receive a Premier Customer and Prepaid set for FREE with each paid set
product ZinoShine +!

This is a limited offer from Friday 1 April to Monday 18 April, so don’t hesitate! The offer applies to Premier, Prepaid, Mini and Save & Subscribe customer kits. Dos- available until stocks run out.

ZinoShine+ is an all-natural dietary supplement, uniquely formulated with vegan vitamin D3, sourced from wild lichens in its most bioactive form, and blended with broad-spectrum magnesium. This potent combination aids in maintaining the optimum functionality of your immune system and fortifies the health of your muscles, bones, and teeth.

The dosage can be readily personalized to suit the varying seasonal requirements and your individual health needs.

Supplement your vitamin D level today by choosing ZinoShine+.


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