Autumn has started for us and we are starting with Velovita Promo October 2022. Use it to the full and get the most out of it. What you can get will not happen again.

Recruiting members promo

Enroll a Promoter (or above) and collect points to get FREE BLACK Tuün Resonate.

For every personally enrolled:

  • Promoter GET 3 points
  • Influencer GET 5 points
  • Ambassador GET 10 points

For every 10 points you collect, you get 1 black Tuün Resonate for Free. Collect 20 points and get second Tuün resonate for free in your choice of color!

That is not all!

  • For every Promoter (or above) you enroll, you will be entered in a special drawing to win another black Tuün resonate for FREE!


You get 1 entry for each Promoter (or above) you enroll.

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Customer Harvest

Start the month on the right foot! For every 5 new enrolled Customers who purchase a minimum of 1 box of our products, you get 1 brān® Peanut Butter Cup box for FREE!

Recruiting Promo & Special Drawing!

Make this October a great one! Take advantage of our October Recruiting Promo for FREE black Tuün Resonate! See flyer for more details.

Velovita Promo October 2022

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