Personalized nutrition is a relatively new concept of the modern society. As a society, we’ve never had more living options. We’ve also never been more stretched for time. We all have our individual responsibilities with work, parenting and relationships – and the same can be said for health. There are recommendations that we can all benefit from, but this is where they should stay – as suggestions, not guidance to live by.

With an abundance of food options and trends, ways to exercise, biohacking tips and wellness devices, we have every opportunity to live healthy, fulfilling lives. The key is discerning what to embrace… and ignore.

Why nutrient absorption varies person-to-person

Personalized nutrition prescribes customizing dietary advice to improve health, with custom dosing based on an individual’s specific needs. A family could eat the same three meals and respond differently. We must consider genetics, eating habits and preferences, metabolisms, weight, wellness goals, movement, and any ailments. Wearable devices and apps have helped us see that we’re all on our own path when it comes to health – and the more we know, the better our decision-making is.

Nutrigenomics: how your genes impact nutrition

There is no ‘perfect’ diet. While there certainly are dietary suggestions that help us live better (the Mediterranean lifestyle for example), the ‘perfect’ eating plan doesn’t exist. That’s the whole point of optimizing nutrition – it’s tailored to the individual.

When we realize this as a culture, we’ll stop chasing the next ‘best’ thing that promises to help us reach our physical goals.

We need to turn our attention to our specific, unique genetic makeup. The ‘one-size-fits’ all approach isn’t working. Now’s the time to make a real change in our lives, by leveraging health products that offer customized treatments. To take the confusion out of healthy living and become our own dieticians, trainers, and cheerleaders.

Nutrition response testing & nutrition optimization

Beyond the diet, the personalized nutrition approach can also be adopted for vitamins and customized food supplements. We’re moving into an exciting era where it’s never been easier to make decisions based on personal needs and lifestyle goals.

The global health and wellness brand Zinzino has been at the forefront of shaping the future of personalized nutrition for over a decade.

Leveraging active nutrients from food to fight imbalances in our bodies, Zinzino’s range is the synchronicity of nature and science with pure, test-based products. There’s no better example of personalized nutrition than BalanceTest and BalanceOil+.

95% of people living with a body that’s out of balance (too much Omega-6 and not enough Omega-3 essential fatty acids). These products aim to harmonize and balance the body, with 15 EFSA-approved health benefits.

Real change starts on a cellular level, deep inside our bodies. There is no template for this, only a personalized strategy. BalanceTest is an independent, at-home dried spot test that accurately determines an individual’s fatty acid profile. BalanceOil+ is the subsequent treatment that gently readjusts the Omega-6:3 ratio, naturally, within 120 days.

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