HANZZ+HEIDII is a Swiss biotech skincare brand, with clean beauty products based on natural, vegan and award-winning skincare ingredients suitable for all skin types

Why is Zinzino offering skincare products?

Every organ in our body is affected by the constant stressors of modern life. When one isn’t functioning optimally, this sets off a chain reaction that has profound impact on our
overall health. A life in balance requires an holistic approach to personal nutrition, ensuring that every organ in the body is performing at its best – including our skin; the largest of them all.

  • Swiss biotech skincare with clean beauty products gives us exclusive access to one of the most lucrative product categories in the global cosmetics industry.
  • State-of-the art Swiss biotechnology will leverage our tech first perspective in new consumer areas
  • Strengthening our distribution power (in the DACH-region) will help us maintain sustainable and profitable growth globally.
  • Access to superior topical skin nutrition will strengthen our core offer in test-based nutrition
  • Comprehensive solutions to keep the whole body in balance, inside and out, will reinforce our holistic approach to preventative, lasting personal health and wellness.

Why is HANZZ+HEIDII and Zinzino such a good match?

Together, we are shaping the future of personal nutrition with Swiss, biotech skincare and Scandinavian, scientific supplements. The Zinzino test-based nutrition strategy keeps us healthy and balanced on the inside. Now, we’re able to complement this mission from the outside with skincare products that keep our skin just as balanced and glowing.

  • Together, we’re balancing the whole body, inside and out.
  • We are both pioneers within our respective fields.
  • We are powered by a mutual, visionary, customer-first mindset.
  • Our product portfolios are both characterized by cutting-edge science and natural resources.
  • We are united by a sustainable, holistic approach to personal health and wellness.

How can a skincare routine complement my supplement plan?

It will take care of the whole body, inside and out. A life in balance requires a holistic take on personal health. Adding skincare topical nutrition to your test-based personalized nutrition regime will ensure that every organ in your body is performing at its best – including your skin; the largest of them all.

Výrobky HANZZ+HEIDII v rodine Zinzino! 

The HANZZ+HEIDII background

HANZZ+HEIDII was co-founded in 2017, in the Swiss town of Alpnach, by the entrepreneurial druggist and beauty professional, Audrey Goebel. With 25 years in the parfumery, beauty and fashion industries, Audrey made it her mission to translate the unique qualities of nature into nourishing, natural cosmetics tolerated by all skin types, by extracting the healing properties of the plants’ active ingredients. The crystal clear mountain waters, powerful herbs, fresh Swiss mountain air were great sources of inspiration for Audrey Goebel.

What does HANZZ+HEIDII offer?

HANZZ+HEIDII offers a holistic skincare routine and a pure, multi-sensory spa experience with a complete series of clean beauty products that provide instant and long-term results, for a healthy, balanced and glowing skin.

Why do I need a skincare routine?

Your skin needs to be taken care of from morning to evening with products that work together. A complete clean beauty routine allows the ingredients to interact in separate layers to maximize the effect on your skin. A simple way to enhance your natural wow, day and night

What is unique with HANZZ+HEIDII products?

An intelligent, multifunctional, active vegan formula based on a highly potent, antioxidant blend of plant stem cell extracts from snow algae and edelweiss to naturally strengthen and regenerate the skin deep within.

  • InfraGuard – an innovative active ingredient that neutralizes free radicals and protects cells against infrared light and the blue light from computers and cell phones.
  • An anti-wrinkle peptide complex which relaxes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • High-performance moisturizer complexes based on three different moisturizers with hyaluronic acid and multifunctional natural oils.

What does clean beauty products mean?

It means that all of HANZZ+HEIDII’s products are created without synthetic chemicals and ingredients that could harm your body or irritate your skina

What is the difference between conventional cosmetics and HANZZ+HEIDII?

Conventional skincare and cosmetics that use artificial compounds usually only provide simple skin protection. An anti-wrinkle cream may briefly reduce visible wrinkles because the silicones it contains plump up the skin’s surface. Biotechnological skincare (HH) will reach the deeper layers of the skin, where wrinkles form in the first place. When used regularly, deep-acting creams can reduce skin problems but also have a preventative effect, for example by strengthening the skin barrier.

HANZZ+HEIDII focuses on active ingredient care with small molecule biomimetic ingredients that provide precise treatment of aesthetic problems. Wrinkles, age spots, light-related skin ageing, or acne can be alleviated by repairing substances that penetrate deeper into the skin and have a targeted effect on cell regulation and skin regeneration


Complete skincare routine with pure skincare products

Immediate and long-lasting results on the skin

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