Your skin and overall skin care, very underrated and yet so important. Why? Because it plays an important role of protection from the outside world. It is the first line of defense for our body. The skin protects us from all kinds of pollutants such as bacteria, dirt, dust, strong sunlight.

The condition of our skin says a lot about us, and various factors have a significant impact on its condition. Everything you do, eat, drink, your lifestyle and the environment in which you move.
Your skin protects your body in many ways.

“The skin provides a barrier to protect the body from invading bacteria and other potential environmental hazards that can be dangerous to human health,” says NIH dermatologist Dr. Heidi Kong.

Factors Affecting The Skin


When you spend a lot of time in dry conditions or are exposed to extreme heat, or don’t drink enough fluids, your skin is likely to lose elasticity/water. While hand washing is essential for hygiene, excessive washing can also lead to dehydration. Especially if you do it with harsh soaps and hot water.

If you have a problem with dry skin, use high-quality moisturizing creams and shower milks. Taking a shower with lukewarm water also helps a lot. For the braver, you can start hardening. Your skin and overall immune system will thank you. If you want to do something more for yourself, get a high-quality air humidifier for the rooms you frequent (living room, bedroom).

Damage From Ultraviolet Light

The sun is the gift of life. Without him, life would not exist. It contributes to many health benefits and a good mood. However, if we overdo it, our skin may not be very satisfied. Sunlight contains ultraviolet (UV) rays; these rays cause sunburn, which makes your skin age faster. The result? More wrinkles with age.

The best protection against high UV radiation is to avoid it. If this is not possible, wear protective clothing. Ideally airy so that the skin can breathe freely. If you want to reach for sunscreen, you can. However, be aware that too much of everything is harmful. This is doubly true for sunscreens. They contain a lot of chemical and harmful substances.

Sunlight is a fundamental factor in skin care. However, one must be careful with their dosage so that we do not do more harm than good. In summer, it is best to be in direct sunlight in the morning and evening hours. Then the sun has more positives than negatives.

Unhealthy food

Your lifestyle also has a direct impact on the health of your skin. Everything you eat or drink affects you. Something more, something less. A healthy and balanced diet can help you look and feel your best. The most widespread type of protein in the human body is collagen. Found in connective tissue, skin, bones and cartilage, it provides structural tissue support and plays many essential maintenance roles.

Collagen is produced naturally in your body. However, the natural production of collagen decreases with age. Persistent stress and toxins from the environment can also result in a decrease in the ability to create collagen. The result of reduced collagen in the body is the weakening of cell structures, thinning of the skin, stiffening of joints, loss of elasticity of ligaments and many others.

Fortunately, there are ways to naturally boost collagen production. You can take nutritional supplements rich in collagen, such as fish and cartilage. Such supplements combine many skin care nourishing ingredients to support the firmness and texture of your skin. If you feel like you’re not getting enough nutrients from your current regimen, add high-quality collagen supplements to your diet. A proven method for increasing collagen production in the body is magnetotherapy. It should be borne in mind that skin care is not only external, but also internal.

Skin And Stress

Reducing stress is the key aspect of your skin care. We read everywhere that stress is a long-term enemy of our health. This also applies to our skin. Constant stress makes the skin more sensitive and triggers skin problems such as acne.

To support the health of your skin, it would be a good idea to take a step back and reevaluate your life situation, goals, direction, and overall state of mind. Actively work on managing stress in a healthy way. Get enough sleep, reduce your busy days and make time for things that relax you. The results may be more surprising than you thought.

Insufficient sleep

Many processes take place during nocturnal, uninterrupted, deep sleep. The body switches to a mode in which it tries to repair skin, muscles, brain cells, among other things. And the already mentioned collagen is also formed during nighttime renewal. Being sleepy and rested is beneficial not only for the health of the skin but also for our psyche.

Therefore, make sure that sleep and its quality is your priority. It will also significantly help the health of your skin. You don’t necessarily have to buy expensive creams. Implementing small steps like adjusting your sleep schedule can make a big difference.

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Is this skin care routine for men? It does not mater if you a are a man or a woman.  This is only a fraction of what affects our skin. Be it negative or positive. There is no best skin-care routine, because every skin is different, but at least incorporate these steps into your daily routine and your skin will thank you. You will not only feel the result, but also see it. We know you will #love this result.

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