As a society, we universally accept that a common cold or flu is an annual inevitability. The minute the temperature drops, we anticipate the onset of the typical symptoms such as sneezing and coughing. However, there are proactive strategies that empower us to take control of and prioritize our health, one of which includes the Sunshine Vitamin D.

The fundamental pillars of health include a balanced diet, quality sleep, and regular exercise. Understanding these and the unique needs of our bodies can pave the way for a life of vibrant health and energy.

Nutrition supplements tailored to your personal needs, based on test results, are an excellent example of this. When it comes to bolstering our immune system against the yearly cold, Vitamin D emerges as the go-to choice for our body’s primary line of defense.

Get personal with Sunshine Vitamin D

Sunshine Vitamin D is an important nutrient to normalize our immune system. Vitamin D contributes to important features within the body and assists us to regulate the absorption of calcium. Keeping enough amount of Vitamin D in the body is crucial for the normal development and growth of teeth and bones.

It is crucial to monitor our vitamin D levels during the winter season, when the sun, our most natural source of vitamin D, is less available. Ultraviolet (UV) rays stimulate vitamin D synthesis upon contact with the skin, providing 8% of our required intake.

Numerous factors influence our ability to acquire adequate amounts of vitamin D. These factors include living in densely populated areas, using sunscreen, the duration we spend indoors, living or working in megacities where buildings obstruct natural light, and even skin color, all significantly affect our body’s response to sunlight and its subsequent production of vitamin D.

Body weight is also a significant factor to consider. Vitamin D is fat-soluble, which means that the more overweight we are, the more of it we need to produce and consume to maintain appropriate vitamin D levels in our bloodstream.

Increase Your Vitamin D consumption during the Cold months

So, it is safe to say that in our body Sunshine Vitamin D needs are unique. Like most nutritional and wellness factors, there’s a significant amount of individuality when it comes to addressing vitamin D needs. And they’re not constant.

Our levels vary all through the year, depending on who we’re, how, and where we live. This is why we need to get screened regularly so we can top-up with an additional source of vitamins whenever is essential.

Does your lifestyle change in the winter months?

Do you need a bit more time in the gym session than walking outside and perhaps looking for more comfort meals and easy foods?

That’s why important nutrients are the vital vitamin to watch during winter seasons, but ensure to monitor your levels all through the year to keep on top of your wellness in case your levels begin to drop.

Let science reveal your vitamin D level and nature take care of it

According to the US Natural Institute of Health, almost 1 billion people across the world are presently known to suffer from D vitamin deficiency, particularly during the chilly and cough season.

A lot of times this is a deficiency most people are not even aware of it.

But the good news, you do not have to see a Dr. Check your D vitamin levels. It can be done in the comfy of your own home with an easy blood test.

Personal Vitamin D test

The Vitamin D Test is a convenient home-based dried blood spot test that provides you with fully confidential results. This test is specifically designed to eliminate any uncertainties associated with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It acts as a precursor to ZinoShine+, an enhanced vegan Vitamin D supplement derived from wild-harvested lichen and broad-spectrum magnesium to replenish your Vitamin D levels as required.

The dosage can be tailored based on the results of your Vitamin D Test to restore optimal levels. Experience the benefits of maintaining appropriate levels of Vitamin D, particularly its protective effects during the cold season, and appreciate how it feels to sustain your health at its natural best.


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