The HbA1c test can help prevent various problems. Many people don’t discover impending health problems until it’s too late. Be different and discover your long-term blood sugar levels by taking the Zinzino HbA1c Test. You will find out whether you have been living dangerously and need to take action immediately or if your current lifestyle is sustainable for lasting health.

How Zinzino HbA1c Test Works?

The test consists of two main parts.

Step 1 of HbA1c Test

The first phase involves a dried blood spot technique where you prick your finger with the provided single-use lancet and pour 1-2 drops in the circled areas of the sample card. Once the blood spots dry up, insert them in the envelope and mail them to the VITAS Analytical Services in Norway for analysis.

Step 2 of HbA1c Test

The second step of the Zinzino HbA1c Test involves registering on using your unique test ID and filling out a lifestyle assessment questionnaire. This phase establishes how your diet and daily activities affect aspects like the gut, brain, immune function, metabolism, bones, joints, risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and overall health status.

What Is HbA1c Test Used For

Zinzino hba1c Test - Discover Your Blood Sugar Levels

Discover Your Blood Sugar Levels

Taking this Zinzino test offers a discreet and highly convenient way of keeping track of your blood sugar levels without unnecessary doctor visits. VITAS posts your results privately on the Zinzino website, which you can access with your test ID, along with customized recommendations on how to live a healthier life to avoid illnesses down the line.

Knowledge is power, and once you try out the Zinzino HbA1c, you’ll be able to know how to adjust your daily routine to include maybe more exercise, a low sugar diet, and so on. You’ll also fully control your health without worry because it’s a meticulous process that observes 100% confidentiality.

Home Test For HbA1c

Who has time to visit doctors earlier than necessary in today’s fast-paced era? As can be seen from the above, our test is suitable for those whose life circumstances do not allow them to visit doctors.

Simply order our blood test and take it in the comfort of your own home. In addition to the blood sugar result, you will also learn many other things about your lifestyle.

Is Fasting Required For HbA1c Test?

If you need to know if you need to do any fasting or dieting before this test, the answer is clearly no. After all, you need to evaluate your blood sugar levels and your lifestyle as it is. You can only start to incorporate fasting or lifestyle changes after the test has been evaluated.

How Does Our HbA1c Test Work?

We will combine your results from the dry blood drop with your questionnaire about your current lifestyle. We will then evaluate how your lifestyle supports the following areas that you can track over time:

  • Overall health status
  • HbA1c test analysis
  • Risk of developing type 2 diabetes (taken from validated risk assessment questions)
  • Metabolism
  • Immune function
  • Brain function
  • Gut function
  • Bone & Joints

What We Measure

The Hemoglobin A1c test that we are using to measure the long-term blood sugar level is a measurement of the amount of A1c hemoglobin proteins that have glucose attached. The higher the amount of blood glucose (blood sugar) on average, the more glucose there is attached. It is represented as a unit of measurement in mmol/mol (millimoles per mole) which has been the standard measurement for blood sugar levels since 2009. The result is then categorized in one of 4 different categories:

  • Normal range …………………… < 34 mmol/mol
  • Monitor closely range … 34 – < 38 mmol/mol
  • Prediabetic range ………. 38 – < 47 mmol/mol
  • Diabetic range ………………….. > 47 mmol/mol

Certified Test Kit

The Zinzino Dried Blood Spot Test is certified to comply with the European regulation 98/79/EB on in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices. This means the test and all its components are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and so the Kit has the CE mark on it.

Act now and avoid regrets later

Discover today whether you are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes and find out what positive actions you can take for a healthier life. Act now and avoid regrets later!

Zinzino HbA1c Test

Discover your long-term blood sugar levels

Includes a lifestyle assessment with personalized recommendations for diet, activity and exercise.

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