Bowel And Its Anatomy

Research studies show that generally, humans give a lot less attention to their bowel system which is a very wrong practice. In fact, it is seen that many of the issues in our body stem from a poor bowel system. The bowel system in a human is a very complex matter because it consists of many nerves and muscles. It is a part of the gastrointestinal or digestive system whose work is to support the body in absorbing what we consume. And the rest of the unneeded waste is expelled through the system.

Healthy Bowel Functions

We are all aware that to lead a healthy life we must have a proper and nutritious diet. But the thing we often neglect is that healthy bowel functions are equally important too. Unless we achieve a healthy bowel system, our body shall never be able to function the way it is meant to. So, the question that arises now is that what is a healthy bowel habit? The below section discusses it.

Bowel Habits

In each of our systems, the speed by which we digest food varies. Depending on what we consume, it may take from one to three days to get processed. During this entire digestive phase, up to ninety percent times, the food remains in the colon. Depending on our body types, each of us has a different frequency of bowel movement. Normal bowel movement happens between thrice a day to thrice a week. Not everyone does it daily.

Factors That Arise When Bowel Functions Are Improper

Due to many disorders in the body, many times bowel function does not happen the way it ought to. A common symptom of that happens to be constipation and inconsistent bowel.

How To Develop Healthy Bowel Functions

We all have observed that no matter how much effort we put into keeping a healthy body, our bowel functions never happen to be in our control. But surely there are certain factors to practice which will improve digestion and lead to healthy bowel functions.


Keeping yourself hydrated is the first important step towards achieving a good bowel system. Each cell in our body requires water for its functioning. The body supplies that water through the fluids we consume. If you can supply the required amount of water for the body, then along with improving digestion the bowel system will get healthy too.


Having the right kind of food is very essential for having a healthy bowel movement. Usually, fast foods and fried foods create a disturbance across the inner walls of the stomach leading to clogging in the bowel movement. A diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and a good amount of fat plays an important role in healthy living and also in bowel movement.


Undoubtedly fibers play a very important role in bowel movement. This is the reason why all doctors and nutritionists always include lots of fiber in their diet charts. Both digestive and no digestive fibers play a very important role. The good fibers create a slimy texture inside the digestive system helping in a smooth bowel movement. The insoluble fibers get stored in the waste sack and create pressure.

How To Stimulate Healthy Bowel Functions

  • Having large meals consisting of healthy fats is surely one of the ways of doing it. It helps in stimulating the reflexes in the system, giving a trigger to bowel movement.
  • Having hot fluids also triggers the walls inside the stomach leading to a bowel movement. All though there are no scientific reasons for it, somehow it works.
  • A good workout or even a good walk each day gives the needed pressure inside the system leading to a smooth bowel movement.

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