Nutrition Hub, in collaboration with the Federal Nutrition Center of the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture, commissioned a panel of nutrition experts to assess the pivotal nutritional trends for the year. Accordingly, 107 nutritionists have provided insights on the key nutritional trends for 2022, specifically tailored for us, the health food enthusiasts.

Nutrition Trends For 2022

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The survey’s findings indicate a growing trend towards the purchase of seasonal and regional foods, with a prominent interest in fruits, vegetables, and predominantly plant-based meals and ingredients. Regional organic produce, inclusive of fruits and vegetables, are now ubiquitously available in nearly every market within the Met.

Additionally, local cultivators eagerly offer their fresh harvest for sale. Although nutritional trends revolving around healthily cultivated foods fluctuate annually, the fundamental principles persist.

Vegan and plant-based diets

There are many parents who indulge their children in a wide variety of foods, including meat. However, there are nutritional trends where the focus is on the plant state rather than the animal state. From this perspective, parents or rather people are seeking more information about vegetarian and vegan diets from doctors and nutritionists. There is no doubt that plant foods have more health benefits than animal ones.

Healthy eating

It is widely understood that our diet significantly influences our health. The primary motive for adopting a healthy eating routine is often the aspiration to mend our relationship with food. It can be argued that embracing a balanced diet is the cornerstone of effective self-care.

Engaging in healthy eating habits involves more than just avoiding excessive and frequent overindulgence; it also requires a well-rounded diet, abundant in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Regrettably, the nutritional quality of food has significantly deteriorated over time.

Therefore, it is difficult to get enough nutrients from commonly available foods nowadays. In order for the body to get its daily dose of necessary vitamins and minerals, it is necessary to consume mostly more fruits and vegetables. High-quality nutritional supplements are also indispensable to make up for missing vitamins from the regular diet.

Gut nutrition and probiotics

Digestive problems are no longer a taboo subject and fortunately there is an increasing awareness of gut health. More and more people are linking the gut and gut bacteria to psyche and nutrition. We recommend ZinoBiotic+, a blend of 8 natural fibres. These fibers are metabolized in the colon where they promote the growth of healthy bacteria.

Nutritional myths and misinformation about nutrition

The inadequate marketing tactics of influencers are typically conspicuous, often infusing an air of incredulity into the content promoted on trendy platforms and videos. Consequently, major food brands are progressively utilizing educational nutritional influencer tools, positioning themselves within a quasi-medical sphere.

It is paramount to remember that diet recommendations should only be made by certified healthcare professionals, such as doctors or nutritionists. Thus, when considering nutritional advice, it’s essential to meticulously verify the credibility of the information source. The tone of voice for this text is professional.

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