Nutrition Hub together with the Federal Nutrition Center of the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture asked nutrition experts to evaluate the most important nutritional trends of this year. 107 nutritionists have therefore evaluated the most important nutritional trends for 2022 for us health food lovers.

Nutrition Trends For 2022

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Organically grown products

The survey showed that people are increasingly buying seasonal and regional foods and there is a great interest in fruits, vegetables and overall plant-based meals and ingredients. Regional organic fruit and vegetables can already be found in almost every market in the Met. Local growers will also be happy to sell you their harvest. Nutritional trends for healthily grown foods change from year to year but the basics remain the same.

Vegan and plant-based diets

There are many parents who indulge their children in a wide variety of foods, including meat. However, there are nutritional trends where the focus is on the plant state rather than the animal state. From this perspective, parents or rather people are seeking more information about vegetarian and vegan diets from doctors and nutritionists. There is no doubt that plant foods have more health benefits than animal ones.

Healthy eating

Many people are aware of the impact of diet on their health. The main reason that leads us to eat healthily is the desire to ‘heal’ our own relationship with food. We can say that adopting a balanced diet is very much the first step towards good self-care. Healthy eating includes not only unnecessary and frequent overeating, but also a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Unfortunately, as times have progressed, the nutritional value of food has decreased dramatically.

Therefore, it is difficult to get enough nutrients from commonly available foods nowadays. In order for the body to get its daily dose of necessary vitamins and minerals, it is necessary to consume mostly more fruits and vegetables. High-quality nutritional supplements are also indispensable to make up for missing vitamins from the regular diet.

Gut nutrition and probiotics

Digestive problems are no longer a taboo subject and fortunately there is an increasing awareness of gut health. More and more people are linking the gut and gut bacteria to psyche and nutrition. We recommend ZinoBiotic+, a blend of 8 natural fibres. These fibers are metabolized in the colon where they promote the growth of healthy bacteria.

Nutritional myths and misinformation about nutrition

The inept marketing of influencers is usually easy to spot. The information provided in these trendy portals or videos is not very credible. As a result, big food brands are increasingly turning to educational nutritional influencer tools, keeping themselves in a slightly medical zone. The only one who can recommend a diet is a doctor or nutritionist. When making nutritional recommendations, it is important to check the source from which we draw our information very carefully.

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